Bronze Etruscan "Sand Dollars"

$ 29.00

These richly textured earrings are tactile and sensual - they are distinctly reminiscent of a sand dollar while the detailed granulation is evocative of ancient Etruscan jewelry, the bronze just makes them more down to earth, bohemian and beachy. I cast them in eco friendly recycled bronze from a mold I made of an antique button. They measure 1/2 inch (12.7mm) round and hang from nicely detailed sterling silver earwires.

Bronze has different characteristics with every load I fire in my kiln and the finish differs greatly, sometimes a straight antique pale gold color, sometimes bright yellow, sometimes with orange highlights and sometimes with a subtle "rainbow patina". I have no control over the color, it is a delightful surprise every time! I have shown here the different finishes that I have recently fired. If you like you can be surprised when you open your package, or you can message me to see what is in stock. Currently I have two pairs in stock — both with a rainbow patina — one has more of a verdigris (sage green) patina and one has a green and purple patina.

These earrings are overall 7/8 inches long (about 23mm), minus the earwire they are 9/16 inches (15mm) round.

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