Gemstone Confections

Apatite Gold Lotus Petal Hoop Earrings

$ 100.00 $ 148.00
My "Gem Encrusted" collection is a celebration of my love of gemstones and includes classic simple designs to which I've added high quality sparkling faceted gemstones. The effect is stunning, noticeable, yet so easy to wear you will reach for them every day.

These are a prototype, I will be moving forward with them but am offering them at a reduced price due to one of the gemstones missing (it is not noticeable and is at the closure behind the ear) due to me being a little too enthusiastic about wrapping the stones tightly (it broke while adjusting placement).

The lotus petal hoop earring is hand forged from 14k gold filled wire by me and then wrapped with a smaller gauge wire with tiny "microfaceted" round apatite gem beads in a ruffle pattern. The hoops measure 1 and 1/16 inches (about 27mm) long by 15/16 inches (just under 24mm) wide.

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