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Ginkgo Leaf Small Earrings

$ 39.00

These are a small version of my classic Ginkgo Leaf Earrings, which are also available right now.

Beautifully detailed and textured with a subtle variegated patina, these ginkgo leaf earrings are a lovely reminder of longevity and endurance - we can endure when we ground ourselves and remind ourselves of what is important to us.  Earwires are sterling silver. They make a bold statement, yet are large enough to get noticed but not overwhelmingly so and while generously sized they are quite light in weight and easy to wear.

A word about my bronze jewelry: Bronze has different characteristics with every load I fire in my kiln and the finish differs greatly, sometimes a straight antique pale gold color, sometimes bright yellow, sometimes with orange highlights and sometimes with a subtle "rainbow patina". I have no control over the color, it is a delightful surprise every time! I have shown here the different finishes that I have recently fired. If you like you can be surprised when you open your package, or you can message me to see what is in stock. Currently I have two pairs of this smaller size in stock: both have some purple "lichen" like spots and one pair has a more overall verdigris cast.

This smaller size measures overall just under 1 inch (about 25mm) long, the leaf portion measures 5/8 an inch (about 16mm) long by just under 1 inch (about 24mm) wide.

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