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Sakura Earrings in Bronze with Green Tourmaline

$ 35.00

It's springtime and that means cherry blossom season here in the Washington, DC area. Our area trees are budding and soon we will be bursting with blooms! To honor this delicate harbinger of spring I have designed my Sakura collection. The Sakura (the Japanese name for cherry blossom) is a treasured symbol for renewal and optimism, the very meaning of spring: it is a reminder that there is always hope. My wish for any who wear my jewelry is that it becomes an anchor — a talisman — to remind one of what is important to them, with this collection I hope that it will be a talisman of optimism.

I created these earrings by first making the bronze Sakura components and then using oxidized sterling silver wire to wrap faceted round green tourmaline and adding sterling silver earwires.

Tourmaline is the birthstone for October and green tourmaline in particular is said to  attract luck and abundance, inspire creativity, and is said to be a great manifestation stone.

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