Sakura and Ume Spring Blossoms

Ume Plum Blossom Necklace In Green

$ 108.00
Spring is here and with it comes all of the delicate budding trees in the Washington, DC area. The DC and surrounding suburbs are most famous for our Sakura, or cherry blossoms, but don't forget their cousin — the Ume, or plum blossoms. I was very surprised to learn that although the Ume means "plum" they are actually apricots! Similarly to Sakura, the Ume is a symbol of perseverance, hope and thriving in adverse circumstances. Additionally, the Ume is a talisman for protection. To honor this herald of spring I have designed my Ume collection. My wish for any who wear my jewelry is that it becomes an anchor — a talisman — to remind one of what is important to them, with this collection I hope that it will be a talisman of optimism.

I created this necklace by first making the Ume component in an alloy of copper, tin and zinc called "white copper". One of the beautiful things about white copper is it's unpredictable finish after firing. In this case I opened the kiln and found this lovely light lemony yellow transitioning to a darker gold to an almost reddish brown with a verdigris patina over all. The component is also double-sided, so that it may be worn either front or back. I then added lovely ombre green and brown grossular garnet faceted round beads and antique cut steel beads and finished with oxidized sterling silver chain and extender and lobster clasp so that you may adjust the length with any neckline.

Garnet is the January birthstone and grossular garnet symbolizes hope and renewal, empowerment, and the nurturing from Mother Earth, which makes it a perfect companion to the symbolism of the Ume blossom.

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