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Mehndi Disc Ring - Size 7 1/8

$ 25.00 $ 45.00
One of my most enduring design inspirations is mehndi (henna tattoo), with it's graceful flowing lines it evokes a powerful feminine creative energy. I love creating designs that are offset, or in some way asymmetrical, I believe there is a divine balance to asymmetry and frequently apply it to my designs. It reminds me that there is a beauty of imperfection in all things of this earth, including ourselves. We can strive for perfection but we lose ourselves in that search, when we surrender to imperfection and yet "do it anyway" we give ourselves the gift of doing without judgement of outcome and open ourselves to transcendence of perfection through the beauty of experiencing the journey itself. May you wear this ring as a talisman to be mindful of the beauty of your imperfection.

This ring is a size 7 1/8, all copper, which some are sensitive to, and will leave a mark on the skin (that is easily rinsed away).

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