Aquamarine and Peridot "Triptych" 14k Gold Filled Adjustable Ring "Be Who You Are"

$ 68.00
From the deepest expression of your heart, know your true self and project that forward authentically. I always find that physical anchors are a beautiful talisman to remind you of what you already have or what you want to cultivate. In this case, the "milky" aquamarine squared-off oval represents your connection to the throat chakra, the source of self-expression, and tranquility and peace. The peridot represents the heart chakra, the center of compassion and loving kindness. Together they are a reminder to wearer to balance the emotions with mindfulness, always compassionately and with love, and to express one's self wholeheartedly and unreservedly.

This ring is high profile, it will "stand up" above the surface of your finger (see photos), the stones are wrapped in gold filled wire around a gold filled wire armature open in the back, it can be adjusted when worn but due to the nature of metal if bent back and forth several times the band can "work harden" and become brittle and snap so for this reason  please contact me with your size so that I may send it with as much of a custom fit as possible. With no adjustments this ring fits a size 5 1/4.

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