Fluorite and Apatite 14k Gold Filled Adjustable Ring, "Know and Create Your Truth"

$ 60.00

This unique high profile ring features an organic faceted smokey green fluorite with an inner rainbow, accented by faceted teal blue apatite. The fluorite stone generally represents the crown chakra (although the color of this one would also pertain to the throat chakra), the center of spirit and wisdom. The stone itself is believed to be a great talisman for protection and an excellent anchor for self confidence.

The apatite is said to be a talisman for manifestation and creativity and clearing emotional blocks. It represents both the throat chakra, the center of communication and  self expression, and the third eye chakra the center of your personal truth, perception and awareness.

This ring is high profile, it will "stand up" above the surface of your finger (see photos), the stones are wrapped in gold filled wire around a gold filled wire armature open in the back, it can be adjusted when worn but due to the nature of metal if bent back and forth several times the band can "work harden" and become brittle and snap so for this reason  please contact me with your size so that I may send it with as much of a custom fit as possible. With no adjustments this ring fits a size 6 3/4.

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