Multi Gemstone "Star" Earrings

$ 108.00 $ 134.00
Little "stars" I made by painstakingly wrapping very thin 14k gold filled wire around a vermeil (gold over sterling silver) ring, individually attaching tiny faceted amethysts and natural blue zircon as I went along. I added deep blue fluorite faceted cubes accented by vermeil "granulated" beads for an opulent, richly textured total effect. The blue zircon and the fluorite are very similar shades, one being deeper, the other more silvery and sparkly, the fluorite has just the slightest hint of purple complimented by the little bits of purple in the amethyst accents.

One of a kind earrings from my Gemstone Confections Collection. I will not be making them again as although I love the result I was pulling my hair out with the anxiety of not knowing if my vision would come to fruition! These were the third iteration of the idea I started with!

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