Pastel Tourmaline Tassel Necklace

$ 98.00
My "Gem Encrusted" collection is a celebration of my love of gemstones and includes classic simple designs to which I've added high quality sparkling faceted gemstones. The effect is stunning, noticeable, yet so easy to wear you will reach for them every day.

This is my "Tassel" necklace, with faceted pastel tourmaline and a delicate sterling silver cable chain. The necklace has an easy weight to it, not heavy but the tassel adds a graceful movement paired with your movement. The tassel measures 1 inch (2 and 1/2mm) long, the total length of the necklace is  adjustable from 15 and 7/8 inches (just over 40cm) long to 19 inches (just over 48cm) long with a pastel tourmaline at the back.

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